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Databases and Spreadsheets

Custom Relational Databases

We have 32 years of professional experience developing databases using Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and performing data manipulation and management. We can develop databases in SAS, Microsoft Access, SQLite, MySQL, and other SQL databases. If you need a professionally designed, normalized, relational database, we can help.

Are you maintaining your office data in Microsoft Excel? If so, call me so I can explain to you why this is a bad idea and the many benefits of moving your data to a relational database management system (Excel is NOT a database).

Using a relational database to manage data has many benefits including ease of data entry, assured data integrity, speed of retrieval, unlimited storage capacity, minimized cost of changes, and powerful query and reporting abilities.

Custom Spreadsheets

Need a complex custom spreadsheet or template, we can do those too.

All too often the spreadsheets being used in small and even mid-sized businesses have been hobbled together over the years by numerous staff with very little knowledge of the features available to them or how to correctly use them. As a result, the spreadsheets used for important financial or data manipulation are often inefficient, inconsistent, and use unnecessarily complex formulas that no one in the office really understands. Using such spreadsheets is certainly risky because of the likelihood that formula errors will exist in every copy of the spreadsheet used over the years.

Well planned and designed spreadsheets reduce data entry duplication; simplify data entry; make use of efficient and powerful formulas and functions to reduce formula complexity and increase readability and understanding; lock structure and formulas to prevent accidental changes; and increase usability with intuitive and attractive formatting. In addition, well designed spreadsheets offer easy and consistent summarization and data export options.