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Internet Services Integration

Domain Names and Cloud Services

We recommend that all small businesses and even families have their own domain name. The benefits of owning and controlling your own domain name are obvious for a company (branding, name recognition, professionalism). However, a personal domain name is also extremely useful for individuals and families as well. We can assist you with choosing and configuring a domain name and services that meet your needs.

For even the smallest of companies it's critical these days to have an Internet presence for your company such as a minimum of a web site and email communications. I many cases however, small companies either believe that having their own domain name is too expensive or too complex. As a result, it's very common to see smaller operations using free services with less than ideal branding. For example, would you have more confidence in a small business with a polished Internet presence branded with their own domain name like "", or a business that is still using email addresses ""?

Another benefit of having your own domain name is portability and independence from your Internet Service Provider, Email Provider, and Web Hosting Provider. What does that mean to you? If you ever decide to change any or all of your service providers, your email and web address will not change. With complete control of your domain settings, you can easily configure your domain name to be used with nearly any services you desire. For example, your web site could use one web hosting company, yet your email could be hosted free on Google's email servers, all independently from whatever cable or telephone company that you get Internet service from.

Lastly, note that owning a domain name is in most cases very inexpensive. Typically for less than $30 a year you can own a .com domain name and others such as .org or .name for even less. When paired and configured with the many free cloud-based services available (e.g. Google Apps) the cost is hard to beat. In many cases you can have email accounts for all of the members of your family or small business, branded with your own domain name, controlled by you, for free! We can assist you with choosing these services and configuring them for your particular needs.

Lastly but importantly, although choosing a good domain name can be a fun exercise, please be warned that you should never search for or attempt to visit the web sites of domain names that you may want to buy. It's unfortunate but true that the domain name registration world is full of vulture-like companies that do nothing but watch for interest in domain names and then buy them to later attempt to sell back to companies with legitimately uses for the name (but at unreasonably high prices of course). Therefore, when choosing your domain name, you should do so only on paper at first, and then be ready to check availability and purchase immediately from a reputable domain registrar. We can assist you with this step as well.

Multiple-device Setup and Integration

Got a desktop computer, laptop computer, iPad, and a smartphone and want to receive email, calendar, and contacts from work and home on all of them? If the thought of such a configuration nightmare scares you please contact us and we can help. With the right services, settings, and know-how we can help make your digital lifestyle more productive and enjoyable instead of a frustrating nightmare.