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Technical Writing

Tim has 32 years of Technical Writing experience in the science and technology fields — from laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) documents to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents describing software use, configuration, and troubleshooting. I have a knack for interpreting target audience level of understanding and crafting instructions that are clearly written, understandable, unambiguous, and concise.

Custom Fillable PDF Office Forms

Tired of spending too much time filling in and then reformatting poorly done forms in Word that shift around as your type? Still filling out and filing paper forms. We can convert, recreate, or redesign your existing small office forms and turn them into electronically fillable forms in the PDF format. Staff can then complete and save these forms entirely electronically. Forms can then be distributed and returned by email, and stored electronically instead of sending around paper copies via intra-office mail.

Document Format Conversions

Have old documents that are stored in aging electronic file formats or just need to convert formats? Whether it's converting WordPerfect to Word, Word to HTML, or HTML to XHTML, we can help with the process. No matter how bad the formatting is in your old word processing documents, we can often convert them into well structured and formatted modern formats for you.