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Wireless Network Installation

Wireless (WiFi) Setup and Configuration

We can install and configure your broadband modem or wireless router correctly and securely. If you are overwhelmed by following technical instruction manuals or can't stand the thought of talking on the phone for hours with technical support, we can help. We will setup your wireless router or access point, configure and test it with your ISP's broadband router, and connect all of the WiFi devices in your home.

Wireless Security

Configuring the wireless security settings of your wireless router is critical. All home wireless networks should be configured with WPA2 security with a strong pass-phrase. Note that the older WEP security is no longer suitable for protecting your network.

Without a correctly configured router your entire home network and all of it's devices are exposed to hacking and use from others. It may not seem important that you neighbor is using you wireless until you realize that you may be liable for any illegal activities they perform while using your network. At a minimum, you put yourself at risk of being disconnected from your ISP or having your PCs infected with a worm from you neighbor's PCs. At worst, you are at risk of identity theft, online impersonation, or a lawsuit for the illegal file-sharing of your neighbor.

Equipment Selection

Confused by the dizzying array of wireless network devices available at the local office or electronics store? We can evaluate you current WiFi capable devices and recommend the most suitable wireless network equipment for your home.

Broadband ISP Selection and Installation

Need a faster Internet connection at home or for a small office? I can help you understand how fast a connection you really need, what broadband technology is best for your needs, what services you need from an ISP, and what ISP can offer what you need at a reasonable price. I can also explain to you why I recommend that you never install an ISP's software and why they wont tell you that you don't really need it! Instead I can install your new Internet connection using the native features of your operating system for trouble-free connections every time.

Firewalls, Security, Remote Access

Are your home computers, small office network, and wireless router correctly configured to protect your network from security threats? Depending on the model of modem/router that your ISP has provided to you, you may or may not have the protection that every home or office needs in a firewall. Not all ISPs provide routers that have Network/Port Address Translation (NAT/PAT) firewall functionality or Stateful Packet Inspection. Without these features your PC may be directly connected to the Internet and exposed to direct attack.

Have you changed your routers default password? If not, it is trivial for a hacker to login to your router, reconfigure it, and monitor or alter your Internet communications without your knowledge.

Lastly, once you have correctly secured your network with a firewall, it can be very difficult to then even allow yourself to connect remotely to your computer from the Internet. We can assist you with the confusing configuration of your router, firewall, computer and a service called dynamic DNS to allow access to reach specific services (such as remote access) within your network, from anywhere on the Internet.

Ethernet (Wired) Network Installation

Is your house or small office already wired for Ethernet but you need help making use of it? Many people don't realize that wired Ethernet is still much faster and much more reliable than WiFi when wiring already exists. Current wired Ethernet speeds are commonly as high as 1000 Mbps where as even the best WiFi connection rarely reach even half of that under ideal conditions. We can assist you with the selection and installation of wired Ethernet switches and the correct configuration of your router and computers to make use of your new Local Area Network (LAN).